Travel Photography: Top 5 Nikon DSLRs

1. Nikon D500

The quality of the pictures is simply amazing – sharp and even a bit bright in the highlights. The camera comes with the EXPEED 5 processor that gives you the ability to shoot 4K movies. The performance of the camera is very satisfactory when it comes to portraits, wedding, events, sports and travel photography. But it seems that when everyone is moving around it is slightly difficult to get consistently good shots (focus). If you are a novice it may take some time to learn the ropes on this one.

Even though it has all the specs of an amazing action camera, downsides include the facts that the battery does not last that long and the camera does not have a pop-up flash. So it is a good idea to purchase one or two extra Li-ion20 battery for backup.

2. Nikon D810

Nikon D810 comes with focal-plane shutter which is comprised of two curtains i.e. a front curtain and a rear curtain. Its electronic front curtain shutter with minimal mirror vibration starts electronically after the front curtain opens and makes your images truly as sharp as they can be. High ISO performance and extra resolution ensure that you don’t need to worry much about the loss of image quality. Another good thing about this camera body is that its controls are easy enough to get used to.

3. Nikon D4S

Shoot like a professional photographer with Nikon D4S! The camera is bit expensive but it has been quite a revelation because of its shutter speed (1/8000 of a second), Optical Sensor Resolution (16.2 MP), Continuous Shooting Speed (11 fps).

4. Nikon D7200

Basically Nikon D7200 has been a massive upgrade over the Nikon D7100. Its low light performance is much better than that of D7100. High ISO settings, controls and dials are very organized and easy to handle. With some good lenses the camera can match the performance of Nikon’s full frame cameras that makes it one of the most suitable cameras for travel photography.

5. Nikon D750

The full frame camera is highly popular among professional photographers for its incredible image quality and faithful, deep colors. Low light performance and auto-focus is exceptionally good. Key features include EXPEED 4 image processor, full HD pro video feature set, full frame 24.3 megapixel image sensor, up to 6.5 fps at full resolution. But its complex settings and configurations take time to learn. The build of the camera is very solid and fits nicely in hand.

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5 Smartwatches That You Should Add to Your Wish List Now

Smartwatches are in trend these days. With the transformation in technology, now one can easily control the features of the smartphones through their smartwatches. From setting alarm to maintaining the health record everything can be easily done with the help of a smartwatch.
Here are some of the best smartwatches that should be added to your wish list:

Gear S3 Frontier

This newly launched black sporty Samsung gear s3 smartwatch by Samsung is a perfect combination of conventional and trendy watch. Offering health, fitness and lifestyle apps this smartwatch ensures that you keep a close watch over your daily work routine enriched with good health. The inbuilt GPS system with the speaker will help you get the direct access to other embedded applications.

The best thing about the watch is that you can go for a number of days without charging the smartwatch. The 15 preloaded designs will help you customize the look and appearance of your smartwatch. With a circular bezel you are easily able to on or off your calls, turn off the alarms and the best thing is that you can browse all the apps.

Gear S3 Classic

The steel case classic premium watch comes with a lot of elegant and classy features. The 3.29 cm display is simply superb for any user to get a taste of advanced technology. You can very easily answer all your calls and can set alarms to make a proper balance between your work and life. You can easily go ahead all the activities whether it is a business meeting or going off to play on the fields you are able to have a proper feel of the place without worrying about any other thing. You are able to make all your workout sessions an inspiring one with the awesome songs that you can listen through connecting the Bluetooth with the super awesome playlist. You can buy this Samsung Gear S3 watch at price point of of Rs 28,500

Gear Fit 2

A superb fitness band smartwatch that comes with advanced features are more than just a cool accessory. You are able to keep your phones at home and can easily enjoy the workout session with a lot of fun. The built-in GPS will help you keep track of the speed, distance covered in a real time manner during a jog. The simply accurate heart beat meter will aim to prosper you with the greater amount of effort and feel. The design is simply sleek and very comfortable to utilize within your parameters. The durable feel will help you go beyond the measuring efforts with lot of highs and lows during the fitness regime. The cost of the smartwatch is Rs 11,900.

Gear S2 Classic

Another great smartwatch by Samsung with renowned feature will help you get what you are actually looking for within the smart watch fitness. The steel and leather design in the circular pattern gives it a very classic look. This ultra convenient smart watch comes in a sleek design and comfortable look to make you enhance the best self. It not only record your health but comes with the wireless charging. The best thing is that you can easily monitor all your activities with the help of the smartwatch. The cost of the smart watch is Rs 20,900

Gear S2

With the customisable technology and in the refined steel look, you are able to get some of the best experiences maintained. The smartwatch helps in ensuring you with the complete record of your health, fitness and energy. You can easily buy it at Rs 19,500 at very pocket friendly rates.

These are some of the most amazing fitness smartwatches that definitely have space to live within your wish list.

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Electronics Trade-In Tips

Today instead of throwing old electronics away or recycling them, trade them in. There are some places online that you can send your old electronics too and receive cash. Some stores will allow you to trade your electronics in for credit on another product in their store. If you are trading in an outdated phone or just want to upgrade phone stores may take your older phone in for an upgraded model and give you credit toward the newer one. Some stores may buy your old electronics for cash.

Trading in-store

If you are considering trading in your electronics check out several stores before making your decision as to which one you want to do business with. You want to check out the ways that you will be paid for your used electronics, which could be trade or cash. You want to see which store will off the most for your used electronics. Some stores that take electrics as a trade in may accept the device if they are not functioning but others will only accept electronics that function.

Trade-in value

This is an important tip when you trade in electronics. Some stores or even online websites are willing to pay you more for the electronics than other stores. Large retail stores may offer store credit on anything in the store or just on electronics that are identical to what you have brought in for trade. Some electronics are more popular may pay more online than they do in brick and mortar stores but then you need to see if they pay for shipping or if you have to pay for it. Also, make sure that if you are trading in for store credit that the store has things that you want to use your in-store credit to buy.

Beware of online trade sites

Make sure that if you are going to trade your electronics in that the online site is reputable, especially if they are going to pay you for the electronics. If it is a company that you have never dealt with before check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any registered complaints, look for a phone number on the website, and call them. If someone answers the phone there is more of a chance that the site is legitimate. If they offer you an amount that is much higher than other offers you have received and they ask you to ship the electronics and then you will receive money they may not be legitimate.

It is best if you trade your electronics in a store for either credit or cash to ensure you are not sending them to an online website that is not going to pay you and just take your electronics.

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GreenLighting Solar Charger Battery

This gadget could make you feel like you are contributing to the world. Why? Because you could be charging your devices using the energy from the sun and nothing else! Even if you would upgrade from electricity to solar power on a very small level but it is still one step towards saving our earth. Sounds like a very great idea but let’s get into the product in more detail.

Technical details
First of all, it obviously receives energy directly from the sun, the solar panel is 4.5 volt and 0.4 watt. You can expect this gadget to recharge a 2000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery. That means you are able to charge newest generation phones and devices. The GreenLighting Solar Charging Battery has a suction cup which will allow you to use them on windows. According to the provider it will charge your phone up to 40%. It is supposed to do it within 4 hours. If you have a cloudy day you may charge it via USB and save it for later. On this gadget you will see 4 blue lights on the back that indicate how much the internal battery has energy. The green light will show whether this GreenLighting Solar Charging Battery is charging or not. The dimensions are 4.5″ x 1.5″.

Most of the reviews I have read are from Amazon. Majority of the reviews are good about this product. I have learned that this gadget has 2 most common problems.

The suction cup does not work properly
The charging speed is slow

Keep in mind that in dry air suctions cups do not work as good. You may also rest the GreenLighting Solar Charging Battery on something because the gadget itself could be heavy for the suction cup.

The charging speed is completely dependable on the window type. We are at this point of technological advancement where windows can reduce the sun light power significantly. So if you would want to put this charger behind your windshield or new windows keep in mind that it will make a huge difference. If it’s sunny best to keep the windows open if its too cold keep in mind on the difference it will make. Other reviews are not specific or subjective which is why I will not mention them.

If you really love the idea of a green earth or you live in a place where sun is shining all the time than I would recommend the GreenLighting Solar Charging Battery for you. The reviews are not as good as we would all like it to be but, in my opinion, it should be higher. Some of those people most likely did not think through about solar panels being behind windows. The only technical problem is the suction cup but you may overcome it very easily.

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Important Considerations When Buying Electronics

Tablets, laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic products – lots of people dream to buy these items in various types and brands. Are you one of them? Probably! Or if not, you might at last have one dream phone or one dream gadget. Have you bought any electronic item? What are your requirements when choosing a certain product to buy? Dear, electronics are somehow pricey (depending on your financial situation), so you should be very careful in choosing which product to buy. Some of these items have become a necessity these days; hence buying the right product has become very crucial as well. Want to learn about important concerns when buying electronics? Here are some tips for you:

• Check your budget.

Let’s say you need a mobile phone for business purposes. If that’s the case, then you should opt for one that won’t make you exceed your budget. If you’re willing to stretch it, make sure that your other important needs won’t suffer. Or you might want to wait until you save enough money for your dream phone.

• Opt for reputable manufacturers.

Cheap products are good, but make sure they are made by reputable companies. It helps to pick one that has been in the business for several years and has earned the trust of different clients. Choosing non-reputable manufacturers gives you no guarantee that you’ll get your moneys’ worth.

• Prioritize the quality.

This should be a given. In every item that you purchase, you should always choose one that is of good quality. High-quality items that are a little pricey are actually better than cheap products that are of poor quality.

• Make sure you’ll be able to maximize the use of the item.

Are you buying that high-end tablet because you need it? Or are you buying it for the mere purpose of following the trends? In choosing any gadget, it is important to closely look at the features and specifications. Do you need all of them? Will you be able to use them? The answer to these questions should be a resounding yes. If not, it’s best not to buy the item.

• Don’t be easily persuaded.

Sure, you’ll find a lot of great offers: promos, incentives (like getting a free item when you purchase a particular model), etc. Take a close look at them before making a decision. Don’t be easily swayed by good sales talk and advertisement especially if your budget is limited. You should buy an item because you really like it and you made sure it is worth spending on; not because you were easily convinced by a random person or advertisement.

Buying electronics requires making wise decisions. There’s nothing wrong with following the trends, but it is important for you to always get your money’s worth in everything you buy. You should be able to make use of every feature of the item. You should be able to use it for a long time. Meanwhile, following the above-mentioned tips is your choice. It’s your money we’re talking about, anyway. Do you want to waste it? Probably not.

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Robotic Vacuum Cleaners – What You Need To Remember When Buying

Robotic vacuum cleaners make cleaning a home very easy. However, the kind of experience you get from your robot really depends on the choices you make when buying. Remember that there are so many brands and models today and they keep getting better, hence the newer the model the more it can do and the more the convenience it offers you. If you have finally decided to get your home a robotic vacuum cleaner, here are a few things that you should have in mind as you start shopping.

Hard to clean areas

One of the conveniences you are probably looking for is to be able to clean those areas that give you problems when cleaning your home such as far corners. Can it reach such areas? What sweeping or mopping technology is in place to make sure that it manages to extend the cleaning to such areas? Robotic vacuum cleaners that have side brushes or cleaning technologies that ensure that the corners and other problematic areas are not overlooked are better choices. They give you the assurance that no area has been left untouched.

Your furniture

If there is a tedious task when cleaning your home, then it is the task of moving heavy furniture so you can clean under them. Even when using a hand mop or vacuum, reaching under the furniture can be difficult and you must move your furniture for a thorough clean. However a good robotic vacuum cleaner can save you from all the bending and lifting. When choosing look for a unit that has a slim design that makes it easy for it to go underneath your heavy furniture including those that are fixed. When you have such a slim design complete with sensors, you know that every area will be cleaned and you won’t have to go back bending and moving furniture to clean out these areas.

Floor variations

It is very common to have a home whose floors vary from one room to another. The truth is that kitchen floors tend to be different from living room floors. If you designed the house yourself, you might have selected different floors for different rooms too. You could also have different types of carpets in your home. So, the question when buying a robotic vacuum cleaner is whether it can handle all the floors and still offer excellent cleaning results. The truth is that when you are careful in selecting, you will find models that are safe for use on any given floor surface and even carpets. Such a unit automatically changes the cleaning mode to match the floor type, hence you are sure that you will have uniform results for all your floor types.

Stain removal

Most robotic vacuum cleaners sweep your floors, meaning that you might need to go back and take care of stains on the floor after the dirt, dust and pet hair has been removed from the unit. However, you can get a robotic vacuum cleaner that sweeps and mops your floors at the same time. Consider such features to enjoy better convenience.

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A Great Innovation: The Wireless Headphones

Were you ever struggling with the wire of your regular headphones? It always gets tied together, it fouls into everything, and you have to mind where you’re putting your phone. Not to mention that usually wires get broken after a while and you can throw away the whole earplug because of that.

Syllable D900 Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headsets, this new technology wireless headphones can be the solution for your struggle. With absolutely no wires what so ever, it can be a convenient way of listening to music everywhere, even is the gym. It is small and lightweight so you can take it everywhere with you. It has an active built in sound block, to ensure that you can listen to what you want without being distracted by outside noises. It seem to work very well, too.

It has a nice design, and comes in black colour – which you can change thanks to the extra white earhook, if you like – and the small size provides a nice, aesthetic look. It’s very cool and comfortable to wear it.

So, these two fully wireless earbuds are 2 independent units, therefore you can use them separately as well. It means, that you can connect one to a phone while connecting the other one to another phone. It connects to smartphones via Bluetooth and provides approximately 3 hours of runtime, but their stand by time is much longer. To charge the earbuds, you just simply have to put them back into their case, close the lid, and plug the USB cable in. It has built in LED light that will indicate the status of the battery. Just plug it in during the night, and you can enjoy your music for a couple of hours the next day.

There is a single button on them with which you can turn them on, control music and accept or reject incoming calls. There’s a microphone built in so you can use them for phone calls as well as listening to music.

The package comes with the 2 earbuds, extra white set of earhooks, an USB cable, and with the carrying case which is a charger at the same time.

This new technology is not yet seeming to impress testers. It’s written on the info sheet that the Syllable D900’s Bluetooth range works up to 10 metres without obstacles.

Well, testers experienced that the actual Bluetooth device has to be pretty close to the earbuds themselves to provide good connection. And for the obstacles, putting your hand on your ear seemed to be enough to make it drop audio. Also, being headphones, the quality of sound would be very important. However, in case of this product sound doesn’t seem to be great enough.

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